Concrete and Mixing Plants

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Concrete and Mixing Plants

High Production Capacity The efficient production capacity of our plants allows us to deliver significant quantities on short notice, minimizing waiting times. To maintain quality and meet the quality standards imposed on us, AC Materials operates multiple quality control labs where qualified personnel monitor the production process and products daily.

Hydraulic-Bound Mixtures

AC Materials operates multiple mixing plants for the production of hydraulic-bound mixtures. In Bruges, Gent, Vlierzele, Puurs, and Heist-op-den-Berg, we create cement-based products using aggregates and sands, whether recycled or of natural origin. Think of stabilizing compounds, sand-cement mixtures, lean concrete, and stabilized aggregate mixtures. All these products are available under TRA21 (BENOR) and comply with the requirements specified in the latest version of the standard specification 250 for road construction.

Ready-Mix Concrete

Ready-Mix Concrete The concrete plants in Bruges, Heist-op-den-Berg, Puurs, and Vlierzele produce ready-mix concrete for construction projects, polished concrete floors, road concrete, and concrete for sludge formation (linear elements). These products are primarily delivered using our own concrete mixers, and we can also deploy concrete pumps upon request.